Rental Application

Please complete the application through the link below. We expect all application information to be complete and true.

Rental Qualifications: 

Minimum Age: 18 years

Number of Occupants:  Studio/1 Bedroom-maximum 2 people; 2 Bedroom-maximum 4 people; 3 Bedroom-maximum 6 people

Employment History: A minimum of one year at your current place of employment, or in the case of new employment or job transfer, a minimum of one year at previous employment is required. A co-signer may be required if the minimum income or any other employment standard is not met.

Adequate Income: It is important that tenant income is adequate to support reasonable living expenses, as well as to make rent payments in full and on time. It is recommended the tenant has a monthly income that is 3x the monthly rent.

Previous Landlord History: References of former landlord may be verified for the past five years. Negative references, including civil suits, evictions, or any unpaid balances, may result in denial of occupancy.

Criminal history may result in a denial of occupancy.

Each prospective tenant must fill out a separate application.

**Application fee: NO charge**

**Screening fee: $40 per applicant**

Apply Online

To apply online, please visit our Listings Page and click the Apply button next the rental you’re interested in:

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